How to reach the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

The Universidad Autonóma de Madrid is located north of Madrid, at the Km 14 of the Autovia de Colmenar Viejo C-607 (the highway from Madrid to the village of Colmenar Viejo), on the right hand side of the road as you drive away from Madrid.

From the airport to Madrid

By BUS or Metro

From Barajas airport one can take a bus to Madrid, that stops right infront of the International arrivals lounge. This bus is fairly frequent (15-30 minutes periodicity) and its last stop is at Plaza de Colon, close to the town centre. If you continue to the University, you should go to that last stop, and locate the entrance to the train (Cercanias) station called Recoletos, also at Plaza de Colon. You can pick a train that takes you from that station to the University. There is also an underground (Metro) station at Madrid-Barajas airport that you can also take to go to downtown (See Metro Map here). If you bring heavy luggage, have in mind that you should have to change lines, and take stairs, quite often within the Metro network.

obras  We advise you not to take the metro from the airport during these dates. Due to work constructions, the metro line connecting Barajas Airport to Madrid is  cut  between Colombia  and Mar de Cristal stops. A shuttle bus  has to be taken from these two metro stations.  If you arrive in the new Terminal 4 of Barajas Airport, you better take the direct bus to Madrid downtown (Plaza de Colon). Otherwise, you would need to go first to the old terminals (T1, T2 T3) to take the metro there. There is also a possibility to come directly to Universidad Autonoma from Terminal 4 by bus. At the exit of the new terminal, look for stop of bus number 827 that goes to the nearby town of Tres Cantos. This bus  has a stop in Cantoblanco University Campus, right in front of the Rectorado  building, 50 meters from the entrance of the Facultad de Ciencias. The ride of the bus  827  from Terminal 4  to Cantoblanco takes about half an hour, depending on traffic jams.


You can take a taxi from the airport to town for approximately 20 euros. If you are continuing to the Universidad Autonoma, perhaps the best choice is to ask the driver to take you to Chamartin train station, and take a train from there to the University. Obviously you might as well pick a taxi from the airport to the University, which would cost you around 30 euros.

From Madrid to Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

There are two possibilities for arriving to the University by public transportation from Madrid.


There are buses (# 714) from Madrid to the University, which are fairly frequent at typical peak hours. They leave from Plaza de Castilla (Terminal 13). You might reach Plaza de Castilla by metro (i.e., final stop for Linea 1). Then, exit the metro station and the bus terminals are just on the north side of Plaza de Castilla. The bus #714 to the University is the departing from the terminal closest to the metro station.


Probably the best way. There is a train station of the Renfe-Cercanias network at the University. There are three lines that stop in "Cantoblanco Universidad", the official name of the university station. The first two lines are called "Lineas C-7, C-10" and they go from Madrid to Tres Cantos (C-7) or Colmenar (C-10). Trains to Tres Cantos and Colmenar  (small towns north of Madrid) depart from Madrid South Train Station called Atocha. The trains go underground along the Castellana street. They stop at Recoletos (Plaza de Colon), Nuevos Ministerios (close to the Hotel NH Zurbano) and Chamartin station (the main North Train Station). After Chamartin, the second stop on the way to TRES CANTOS is Cantoblanco-Universidad, where you should exit. The other Cercanias train line, which also stops at Cantoblanco-Universidad is the "Línea C-1" and goes to Alcobendas-S.S. de los Reyes ("ALCO-SSREY" will be shown on the front display of the trains), a residential area very close to the University. Trains of this line can also be taken at the same stations than trains to Tres Cantos and  Colmenar.
In any case please always double checked the destination shown on the display as trains to different destinations depart from the same platform.
The frequency of trains from/to Madrid to/from the university is about every 5 minutes during rush hours. The trip to the University takes between 15 and 25 minutes, depending on where you take the train. For more information on the timetable of Renfe-Cercanias train network, please look here.