MultiDark UAM/IFT group in SuperCDMS


The Cryogenic Dark Matter Search experiment, SuperCDMS (Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search) aims at the direct detection of dark matter, looking for its elastic scattering off the nuclei of a Germanium target and observing the nuclear recoil through the induced ionization and phonon emission.  The detectors, known as iZIP (interleaved Z-sensitive Ionization Phonon) detectors, feature state-of-the-art superconducting thin films deposited on 600g germanium crystals to accurately measure information about the WIMP collisions. The SuperCDMS experiment will initially be at the Soudan Underground Laboratory in Minnesota where in it will operate a total detector mass of ~10kg. In a subsequent phase, the experimental payload will be increased by a factor of 10 and the detector will be placed at a deeper site: the SNOLAB facility in Sudbury, Canada.

Members of the group

David G. Cerdeño (PI)


Elías López-Asamar


Leyre Esteban